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Web3 & Metaverse

  • Introduction

Ever since the new redirection of Facebook to Meta and the introduction of Web3 and its correlated technologies such as AR/VR/MR and even crypto is making a move in this domain people are going bonkers with loads of curiosity to know whether anyone should even consider the thought of transitioning towards these unknown realms or not? But let us break a fact to you all; as complicated as this tech jargon may seem, they’re actually the new cool among the trends of the 21st century, considering the fact the 21st century is nothing but a digital world to exist in flesh.

With every sector getting their hands dirty in the mud of the meta, it seems like every entrepreneur, regardless of sector and scale of their business needs to know if they can get lucky with getting help in this situation. Well, guess what, you will!! So in today’s session, we’ll tutor you whether you need to get your hands dirty with the mud of the meta or just go with the old-school approach. So put on your glasses as we let you enter the METAVERSE with the guiding hand of Wisdom Visuals Bhopal, the top-notch design and tech-based solutions provider !!

  • Seriously, what on Earth are these?!

You all are already familiar with Web2. Trust us, you all are. Don’t believe us? You have a business website, right? You have social media marketing up and ready, right? Well that’s just what Web2 is all about. The access to services like these via web browsers or mobile apps makes these Web2 based technologies. Here’s something even easier, even a mobile app is a Web2 technology. These are constructed using coding or non-coding approaches, according to preference.

Now when it comes to Web3 and the Metaverse, there are many technologies that form its overall stack. Blockchain, Web-based Machine Learning, AR/VR/MR/XR and digital avatars and worlds contribute to a decentralised, digitised system that introduces collaboration, accountability, community-driven efforts, introduction to state-of-the-art hardware and software and even potential opportunities for jobbers and entrepreneurs alike in various roles.

  • Do they make any sense for today's entrepreneurs?

Short answer: Of course, it does make sense!!

But for those looking for detailed explanations, here’s the big picture you might need to consider. Web3 and the Metaverse are gradually stepping up their stronghold over the market and many companies have already transitioned to them. Even potential startups worldwide are now specialising in providing the optimal solutions at optimal prices to customers looking towards forward expansion. After all, this is what you want as an entrepreneur, right?!

Worldwide, we can observe many examples emerging in the real world. People are now using these technologies in the corporate world to expand their horizons in terms of their sales, in-house meetings, live product demonstrations and even a basic business call. Retail spaces have been seen within the metaverse providing a unique experience to the customers and the retailers which improves customer experience and feedback regarding the products and overall experience. The creative professionals, in our opinion, have used these to the maximum potential by designing simulations and developing experiences with active integration of technological marvels such as haptic feedback, immersion, rapid prototyping and whatnot.

And the above excerpts were just the starters. The main course is that everything here depends on the possibilities and those possibilities depend on your limitless imagination, which we’re sure you’re abundant with because as we all know: “The mind is the limit.” But there will be no limits once you find the best professional solutions provider in Bhopal when it comes to Web3 and Metaverse. That place is called Wisdom Visuals.

  • The package deal

You don’t need anyone to tell you that everything in life is a packaged deal. What you see isn’t really what you get here in this case. So to know what we get based on what we see, let us discuss the pros and cons of these.

There’s no denying the fact that these technologies have provided perks such as immersive experiences, haptic feedback, rapid prototyping, real-time collaboration and communication, event organisation, decentralisation, security and many more depending on the sector which comes forward and implements it in their workflow.

But there’s also no denying the fact that new technologies lead to previous technologies becoming obsolete. Many startups that have emerged all around the world have proven this when they decided to transition from Web2 to Web3 stack and this transition requires investment of time, labour, infrastructure at a hefty price Plus, not everybody has the money and patience to know their way around a virtual world as anything new, as we know, can become a nasty piece of work and later become painfully tricky.

  • The final verdict

Technology and business have always struggled in their initial phases, especially in terms of real-time integration but fortunately, we have learnt that even the most complicated beings and their relationships can be made simple if the motive is to become not just good, but great.

Web3 and the Metaverse, when combined with any active business can help you deliver next-generation experiences and features that many customers and business owners can only dream about. The possibilities with these technologies within any commercial activity of any scale and domain are limitless, which is why it is highly advised that everyone should give these technologies a shot.

Speaking of giving a shot, how about you take a leap of faith by giving Wisdom Visuals a shot at making your business journey and experiences from good to great. Our team of adept creative professionals with networks across numerous domains will surely help you deliver experiences to yourselves and your customers that would simply be unforgettable. So go ahead, call us, visit our website, come to our splendid office at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, because we’re just one experience away from making things better between all of us.

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