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Tiktok for E-Commerce

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

  • Introduction

When Tik-Tok came into existence, nobody expected the app to rise to power so quickly. Tik-Tok became the most downloaded app of the year 2021. Many internationally acclaimed content creators like KhabyLame became popular sensations because of this application. But while many consider Tik-Tok as a medium for content creation, many have explored its true potential within the e-commerce sector.

‘Tik-Tok for business’, the name needs no introduction when it comes to deliver the message that yes, even a content-creation platform can be used in the most optimized way possible to market products and services and cater them to international clients. So, today in this article, we’ll be teaching you the very essence of online marketing practices through e-commerce and Tik-Tok.

  • Tik-Tok for business?! Seriously?!

Tik-Tok isn’t just known to be the platform for those videos which may or may not irritate you. It can be considered as a worthy tool in your arsenal as you might not realize this now, but eventually you will in the end. Many branding professionals have adopted Tik-Tok as their true means of e-commerce based activities and have now become the new success icons. Don’t go by the words, check out the results for yourself.

Tik-Tok has exceeded itself over the course of years and it seems to have developed its own cult where the amateurs to the industry professionals come together at conclaves and even do collaborations with other fellow creators who provide aid to the brands by providing them help in the form of promotions, giveaways and what not. But like any other e-commerce tool available, you have to know your way in, around and out of the platform so that you don’t land yourselves into trouble.

  • Is Tik-Tok dominating the e-commerce market?

As much as it may surprise you or as much as it may seem obvious but the fact is that Tik-Tok is already dominating the market. Tik-Tok has a promising user-base and it is constantly expanding. Currently, the user base of tik-tok is one billion active users per month and on this basis, we can definitely observe the potential it holds within, despite the presence of Facebook, Instagram.

Yes!! As much as it may surprise you, Tik-Tok for e-commerce has a much better advantage than other options. And they can be vouched for the following reason: In tik-tok ads, if your ad is irrelevant, then only the ad is revoked whereas Facebook seems to be rigid with its policies and therefore revokes access to your account instead of revoking the ad, if it finds any kind of violations. Here, we need to deduce that Tik-Tok is very flexible in its approaches while Facebook is not.

Creation of account, customizing the settings to your interests which includes target audience, purpose, budget, to even applying creative elements like filters, animations is what you see and get in both of them. The only difference comes in terms of their policies.

  • Types of Tik-Tok ads

There are various types of tik-tok ads that can be used according to the target audience and your preferences. Each option comes along with its own unique set of pros and cons so we’d highly suggest you choose wisely.

Infeed ads are the ads found in the ‘For You’ section of tik-tok. They’re known to blend well and are open for feedback through likes, comments and shares.

Brand takeover ads is a tik-tok ad that comes in the disguise of a pop-up ad but converts itself into an infeed ad. They can also be found in the ‘For You’ section in the form of images or gif with responsive links.

Top-view ads are popularly used by brands for promotion and exposure. Easily identified with their one minute promotion consisting of an auto-play video and audio.

Visual Effects ads include branded hashtags, branded effects and collection ads that are responsive, high-quality, very engaging and involve very high to moderate usage of VFX and trendy hashtags, something that catches the eye of the GenZ interest.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many reasons why you want or won’t likely use tik-tok for e-commerce and advertisements. And as an entrepreneur you have every right to know about them.

Tik-Tok ads help you reach an international audience which is Gen Z (people in the age group of 18 to 34 years). It is constantly growing which gives you access to a network of creative professionals who love to showcase their talent. Plus, you get various perks like working with various types of ad formats which makes this platform even more unique than you can expect.

But here’s the caveat, all of these you can implement in a way that involves months, even years of struggle as there’s someone who constantly adds content on it and gaining popularity and collabs isn’t exactly a cakewalk in this case. Be aware of the risks involved and take your decisions accordingly.

  • Final verdict

Tik-Tok ads and e-commerce has become the new cool at an international level and there remains no doubt that it will surpass other means of marketing with its flexible approach towards processes and policies which are used by companies to such extent that people have to rely on other unreliable means.

Speaking of surpassing, it's time that your business surpasses its coverage and potential through collaborating with us at Wisdom Visuals. Team WV ensures smooth sailing of your online business through methods that will make you stand out of the crowd and gain a stronghold over online markets in just a jiffy.

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