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Social Media Marketing

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

  • Overview

Delivering products and services that make anyone feel is one aspect, but delivering products and services that sells is another. As a professional in any domain, your motive is to gain monetary benefit and community-based goodwill and reputation. All of these can be attained through proper marketing operations.

Although, we said that we should follow the motto: ‘Target the Market’ but there are many factors that make us question about the ideal strategy and approach, especially if we also consider the fact that social media and online shopping platforms are the place where people tend to reach out more than the real-world.

Well, if that’s the bitter truth, how about we teach you the secrets to turn this so-called bitter truth into sweet-&-spice, everything nice place to not just showcase but also earn money and clients.

  • Social Media as a marketplace?!

As skeptical as it may sound, social media and marketing can go together side-by-side if you have the right strategy, tools and the skills in your arsenal. Now it is a bit tricky, but if you have your prerequisites ready, then we promise it won’t be much of an issue.

First, you need to know and realize that the online world is vast and so is its so-called market. There are many social media platforms available such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat, and LinkedIn. You can even consider Whats App as an example. Now, choose the platform(s) of your choice.

The most popular choices include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and on rare occasions, even YouTube and LinkedIn. The majority enterprises and individuals use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp as their business-fronts.

  • Marketing process inside-out

The process of social media marketing is more of an acquired taste. It takes time, but once you know the procedures involved, you’ll develop a knack for it. The primary aspects involved within this domain include profile optimization, content creation, affiliate marketing, social engagement and real-time analytics.

The first section we’ll cover is profile optimization. Now, in order to optimize your profile you have to do one basic yet important thing………CREATING AN ONLINE PROFILE!! (Ha-Ha LOL!!). Create your profile on the platform of your choice and then make sure that in order to make it unique, add some basic information which sounds professional yet quirky to attract your audience. It should provide a basic outline of your products/services provided. Add authentic links to your profile as well.

The second section we’ll cover is content creation. You have to build an audience to market your skills and one of the approaches you can take for the very beginning is content creation. You can deliver your skills as content (images, video, audio, text) and then use them to provide services and avail customers.

The third section we’ll cover is affiliate marketing. As a person/organization who creates content on social media, you often get opportunities from product and service-based companies that are ready to provide you help in your expansion via collaborative efforts. Instances like giveaways, discounts through affiliate links will help you and the organization not just gain audience but also increase their sales.

The fourth section we’ll cover is social engagement. As we are aware of the fact that humans have survived through centuries not just through constant evolution but also through socializing. We are a social species and due to this fact we make friends and even fans that admire and encourage our work actively and due to this fact we must engage with our audience to receive their feedback for the sole purpose of enhancement.

Last but not least, we must be familiar of the fact that ‘Numbers never lie’. Statistical reports generated due to ethical practices on social media show us the graphs which depicts real-time progress and sometimes, the estimated future outcome figures.

  • Why social media marketing? What’s wrong with the regular physical market and online marketplaces?

With the advent of Web3.0, many business organizations and individuals are questioning their place in the market and survival in the future. Web2.0 based businesses are already existent and they will for the time being. But many businesses don’t even have a web front to enable online outreach.

This is where Social Media can come in handy for marketing purposes. Posting advertisements, maintaining an active page/profile and reaching out through cold messages and mails are possible ways any physical business can go virtual through social media marketing.

Social media marketing is essential because using it to its maximum potential, one can gain not just customers, but followers. Like any other online skill, you have to invest your time into some valuable aspects such as SEO, analytics, online engagement via humanization.

Moreover, social media marketing opens job prospects for regulars to freelancers in sectors such as management, strategizing, operations, creativity and many more.

  • The final verdict

Social media has evolved over the course of years and now it has become the platform for organizations, freelancers and even independent business owners who are using it to provide their services and even monetize their content and earn their livelihood.

Also, Web3.0 is gradually making people and organizations to turn to future technologies to upgrade their business and adapt accordingly.

Social Media Marketing is a process cum journey that one has to enjoy with patience and positivity in order to bear the sweet fruits of glory in the form of customers and money.

And if you think you or your organization requires any form of assistance, then we’ll help you harness the power of the internet and when you blaze your sword of social media marketing through the hearts of online absence and marketing obstructions, you’ll stride on the horse, victorious in the realm of the online markets.

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