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Importance of website for every business

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

  • Introduction

As we connect into the internet, we get the exposure towards the fact that most people and organizations are now switching into Web3.0 where technologies like the metaverse, blockchain and many more await them. Existing content is being gradually optimized to suit the needs of the technologies of the future.

But there are so many businesses and individuals that are still relying on the old-school techniques despite the fact that they’re not so-cool as per the current trends of the market. They are popular at the local demo-graphical level, but lack aspects like an online network which contributes to online presence.

Many businesses, old or new, lack online presence within their working model and this is why they’re sometimes lost to time. As an entrepreneur, we wouldn’t want that to happen and to keep that spirit of independence eternal, we will teach you a simple yet sophisticated way of reaching out to customers and maintaining online presence which is having a website.

  • My business is going well and good. Why should I invest on a website anyways?

This is a question that is genuine and it needs to be answered. Yes you may have an established business with lots of customers coming in and out but that would count within your local outreach, what about in the realm where most people spend their time? Well, this is where having a website helps.

Let us explain through a real-life based scenario. You start a business, a few customers come to avail products and services from you and at the end, instead of doing only those old-fashioned ‘Do come again’ parting greetings, you can give them your greetings and a business card.

Now imagine, there are two business cards. The first business card consists of the business and its proprietor’s name, services and products, basic contact details and address, that’s it. Now, the second business card consists of only the basic details and a website along with a QR code on it.

Which one would you prefer?

And that’s exactly the point. Through the following excerpt, not only did we witness your local marketing promotion but also online marketing promotion via a website and even exhibited technological acumen through the usage of QR code that would redirect to your website.

And mind you, the aspect of adding a website may seem like an expenditure, but its more of an investment and you don’t need anybody to tell you the basic difference between an expenditure and an investment.

Since you observed the basic difference so far, we can assume that you just told that you’re sold.

  • Enter the spider’s web, establish your site.

Now that we sold you the fact that you do need a website, let’s get you started with how you can create one for your business. Now there are two basic approaches you could go for, code and no-code.

Code involves the usage of technologies like basic web development languages (HTML, CSS & JavaScript), Java and Python. These technologies are used along with specific libraries and frameworks to create a full-stack website. Here, you have to type in several lines of code and based on the number of lines, physical and virtual assets, and labour involved, you get charged.

No-code approach involves the usage of online tools and services to construct websites the way you desire. It involves a drag-&-drop and click-&-tick approaches in design and development. Platforms like Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy and WordPress are the most prominent examples of No-code platforms for creating websites.

What to choose and what not to choose is completely based on your personal and professional preferences. If you think you want to outsource the responsibility to adept designers and developers, you can choose your model accordingly and within a specific time duration, you’ll have your websites ready.

If you think you have the acumen for web technologies, you could create yourself a website through any approach you prefer. But there’s a number of factors you need to consider regarding the website.

  • Factors regarding the website of your dreams.

There are aspects ‘People’ and ‘Process’ that you need to take into consideration before starting with your website. We’ll discuss them somewhat in detail.

Let’s discuss the ‘People’ aspect. By people, we refer to not just your audience, but even you as the owner. Here, we must understand that within this aspect that if we’re talking in respect to you being the owner, then its all on you. What should be the approach, the design and any other ideas specific is managed and conveyed. As for the audience, aspects like specific demography, groups and experience will be managed by you as well in order to suit their needs.

As far as the ‘Process’ aspect is concerned, we have to keep in mind the principle of 3D (Design, Development, Deployment) and maintenance.

The Design process involves the usage of graphic design in multiple forms like UI/UX design.

Development part takes care of the approach chosen (Code or No-code).

Deployment takes care of aspects such as domain, hosting, content delivery and management platforms.

Maintenance makes sure that the website, when deployed does not face issues in terms of functionality (working) and non-functionality (appearance).

  • Why should my business have a website? What is in it for me?

Two sides of everything, a head and a tail, light and darkness. That’s what a website also provides to any entrepreneur. A website is essential for any business irrespective of scale, domain, audience etc..

Take two restaurants, ‘Yum-Nums’ and ‘Tanker Tummy’. They’re top-notch places for Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Now let’s take ‘Yum-Nums’. Like any other restaurant, it also has a great venue, service is good, ambience is soothing and the food is great as well. People visit this place every now and then and so far its doing great. But as far as its popularity is concerned, its based on word-of-mouth on a local basis. What about further promotion?

Now ‘Tanker Tummy’ did something interesting. Not only did it what every ideal restaurant does, it also made its own website through Wix. As a result, their online outreach increased.

Where ‘Yum-Nums’ was limited to dine-in and takeaway orders only, ‘Tanker Tummy’ changed its game by going online and integrating online marketing, social media promotions and real-time analytics which increased their presence online on the internet via websites as well as social media.

And when they even launched their mobile apps for ordering food and got a desktop app for management and other purposes, it gave them the advantage of market outreach and networks along with real-time customer satisfaction and analytics.

So, in short, if your business has a website, advantages like online presence, market outreach, better customer experience and the fact that you get to outperform yourselves and your analytics await you with garlands of flowers.

But if you don’t, then word of advice: GET YOURSELF ONE QUICKLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

  • How can a website prove to be more helpful than just being an online business front?

Most websites are based on the fact that they not just help you gain customers through providing a proof of online presence but also acts as a genuine certificate of authenticity. Moreover, websites are also connected to targeting audience through passive social media marketing and outreach as well.

Ok, but what if I already have a website? What should I focus on? You’re already on the right track. Now all you have to do is to make sure that it is optimized well and most importantly, responsive and progressive in terms of technicality. Make sure that your website is well optimised for all device platforms, especially for gadgets with portability like mobile, tablet and laptops. One additional tip, maintain consistency through constant updates and service upgrades.

  • Conclusion

Nowadays, having a website for your business is as essential as having a spine for your body. If you don’t have one, you’re just a nobody in the physical as well as the virtual world. Without a website, things like online presence, traffic redirection, SEO, monetization and real-time sales analytics and future planning won’t be possible.

Now that we provided you with such in-depth information regarding the importance of having a website for your business, how about we provide you with one SECRET TIP REGARDING WEBSITES FOR BUSINESS?!

That secret is popularly known by the name of WISDOM VISUALS!! You want to be the next entrepreneurial sensation with your brand new business or you just realized that it’s high time and you must upgrade your business to keep yourself updated and your customers happy, don’t sweat it.

Our team of adept designers will make sure that you stand out of the crowd with our top-notch website development services. All you have to do is invest your time, hopes and dreams and rest assured, you shall not be disappointed.

So this was all about why every business should consider having a website. Till then, make sure that your mediums of wisdom and visuals don’t go offline.

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