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Graphic Designing For Business

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

  • Introduction

We are well aware of the famous proverb: “Seeing is believing”. Never a day goes by when people across various professional domains don’t implement it in their daily workflow. We humans, as producers and consumers, have been blessed with a unique sense of vision. This sense had been put into action by many dynamic personalities and organizations throughout history. From governments that rule the nations to a street down the alley, we can witness how the sense of vision, served with a dash of creativity and imagination, thanks to the evergreen artists.

As time progressed, we saw the evolution of the artistic field turn into a tree that spread it's branches into various domains. One such domain is Graphic Designing. Now, to be precise, Graphic Designing is a vague term. And it actually is, because it consists of other sub-domains within it that makes it dynamic in terms of what it has for every person.

So, in today’s post, we’ll be discussing Graphic Designing and what it holds for potential and pre-existent businesses and entrepreneurs who would love to make their personal and professional life as dynamic as possible. So grab your stuff because the class is in session with your teacher cum pal, Wisdom Visuals Bhopal, your next destination for top-notch graphic designing solutions for your business!!

  • Graphic design and business?! Why not?!

First of all, We’re a bit skeptical about this question as much as you are. And since you’re skeptical about this, it makes us skeptical about you. I mean, come on, how could you even ask such a question. OF COURSE, GRAPHIC DESIGN IS ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEUR!!

Business without Graphic Design is like a human without skin and emotion; blank, boring and devoid of beauty and expression. You can surely get started with a business right now, but just ask yourself a question whether your business will attract customers if it doesn’t have a face? No way!! This is where Graphic Designing comes into play.

Graphic Design helps businesses and fellow entrepreneurs to give not just a face, but a soul to peek into. Logos, posters, pamphlets, letterheads, covers, wallpapers, templates are just the starters for Graphic Designers that they need to create. And the commodity delivered has to be top-notch, out-of-the-box so that your business and services can be outstanding and unique. Without graphic designing, one cannot dare to imagine having a specific identity for their business.

Graphic designers are also high in demand across various industries so if you own a business, you better be working on acquiring some professionals because once you do, then trust us, you’ll witness a fascinating change in your workflow and attitude towards life and profession. Your aura will spread vibes of positivity, passion and professionalism plus design and art fans the flame of creativity within a person that is required to deliver the best results.

  • Graphic design applications

Now that you have realized the importance of the design element in the business world, how about we talk of the different applications that can be used to implement graphic designing in your daily workflow, shall we?!

There are industry standard designers who use softwares like Adobe suite (Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign) or Affinity suite (Designer, Photo and Publisher). All of these software packages are prominent but Adobe and Affinity rule the current market. Adobe has a greater stronghold over the market as the industry standard software with a vast community, online support and resources which includes templates, mockups, extensions and learning resources. But where Adobe hits the dust is its business model that provides the softwares on a rental basis.

Affinity suite, however, has a simplistic one-time purchase model on its softwares and packages which is a great perk for those who are tight on a budget. Moreover, Affinity suite of apps has been known to have an easy learning curve as compared to Adobe apps which adds as an additional advantage. You can even avail special discounts on Black Friday and other Festive seasons. Many freelancers and business organizations are now realizing its potential through the results and perks it delivers and are allowing professionals with knowledge of the Affinity suite to come aboard.

On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs and businesses who don’t wish to spend a hefty amount on designers and want to do designing irrespective of scale and purpose that too either free or at an affordable rate. This is where we introduce you to our beloved friend to the rescue: CANVA!! Yes, Canva is one of the best graphic design tools to be ever known. With an active community, crowdsourced funding by some of the biggest companies and an easy to use and understand interface, it never seems to fail anyone at anything. I highly suggest trying Canva at least once and see its wonders.

So these are the top 3 contenders of graphic designing approaches at the basic to the advanced level. Our advice would be to evaluate a designer or an agency on the basis of its clients, portfolio, specialization, services and price range. Also, do give chances to freelancers as well. They’re quite a creative crafty bunch. By the way, at Wisdom Visuals Bhopal, we celebrate our love for design through all of these graphic designing softwares and services, after all we’ve been known to serve a variety of clients for quite a long time.

  • Sample case studies

Graphic Design was meant to give any brand or business an identity. It's completely obvious that without an identity, your business is gone with the wind. But there are ways to make sure that your business remains on the ground, as steady as a rock on the ground.

Logos and Mascots, in our opinion, are the best way to go. Many companies are known through their logos and mascots only. Need any examples as proof? Here are a few:

  • Microsoft designed their logo to promote ease-of-use, possibilities in life and vibrance it would provide with its line of products. The four squares have some minimal whitespacing and each square has the four primary colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

  • Pepsi took its logo designing very seriously by keeping it minimal with two colors and perfect whitespacing. The combination of Red, Blue and White makes it easily recognizable.

  • KFC did it great with keeping their logo even simpler than others. The creative department came to the conclusion of taking the smiling face of its founding father, Colonel Sanders, as its logo and mascot.

  • Things to keep in mind

There remains no doubt that perks like unique brand identity, creative perspective, lead generation, attraction and interaction, attention to detail and positive professional work environment will await you, should you have the spark for progress.

There also remains no doubt that sometimes there would be some scope of error and this can prove to be catastrophic because several designs could hurt the sentiments of a community and can generate negative stereotypes about something or someone. Also, if you as an entrepreneur ignore the need to evaluate the factors like portfolio, price and services then the consequences could be severe.

Our portfolio and client list is constantly updating with something better. Be it Bhopal or Belgium, we are ready to serve our superb graphic designing services right here from Bhopal. Outreach is never a concern for us.

  • Final verdict

Graphic Designing services isn’t just a matter of luxury, but a necessity for any business which wants to grow at an exponential rate and stand out-of-the-crowd. One should never ever ignore the need of graphic designing in their business as the face and phase depend on it.

And speaking of luxury, at Wisdom Visuals Bhopal, we provide businesses of all scales and domains with graphic design services. From logos to posters to social media arts, just name it and we have the perfect solution for your problems that will change your perspective from IMPERFECT to I M PERFECT.

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