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Google Ads

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

  • Introduction

Advertisements have become more than just a medium for promotions. Back in the days, ads were only used for marketing sales and promotions but today, the picture has completely changed. Now an advertisement is used for so many things like redirection to other line of products, awareness initiatives, real-time market research and many more.

Making a product or delivering a service is one thing, convincing others to only go for yours is another. And doing so requires help in the form of tools such as Google Ads. So today, we’ll cover the hype behind Google Ads.

  • So what is Google Ads?

Google Ads has become one of the leading tools in online advertising and digital marketing. It helps provide relevant ads on your site content based on the customer’s previous online activities and current market trends.

Google Ads not just helps direct ads, but redirect others to your site via other ads through a single or multiple clickbait trail. Google Ads is also used by business organizations to conduct online market research and based on the research, it helps to generate real-time analytics that are very easy to decipher.

  • What’s wrong with normal advertisements?

Well sure you can follow the trail of prehistoric steps such as designing your ad campaign from scratch which includes designing, generation and deployment of ads for billboards, posters and more. Then later, you can whine over the fact that you spent a fortune and it didn’t even earn you a nickel.

And all of this is happening in the real, physical world, where not even a fraction of your audience would be present nowadays. So, got any better idea? Well here’s one, ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT & MARKETING!!!

Google Ads helps you find the right keywords, ads and even provide real-time analytics for analysis and research for future enhancements for users and products. And with some extra perks, Google Ads guarantees that each buck and hour you spend on it would be WORTH IT!!

  • Why should I care? What is in it for me?

Okay, we get that. You still aren’t convinced yet. That’s completely fine. Look, as harsh as this may sound, if you aren’t advertising online, you aren’t exactly an online business, in fact you can’t even call yourself a digital marketer. Let the pros and cons do that job.

Pros like customization, control, accessibility from almost anywhere in the world, node mapping and tracking, redirection, and real-time analytics and suggestion generation will surely make you think over again.

And if you don’t go for it, then we’re pretty sure you’re totally up for things like poor revenue, next to none online presence and outreach, no real-time customer experience and trends research, no website traffic and so much more, but who’s counting anyways.

So the next time you would like to consider the aspect of online advertisements and marketing, then remember that physical advertising and TV advertising are old school, the world is already on the verge of going completely online, so digital ads and marketing campaigns is the new cool.

  • Final Verdict.

Now that you’re officially sold to the idea on why you should prefer Google Ads, we’re sure you can also prefer one more important aspect that will take care of your advertisement needs and even help you with Google Ads as well. The component is called Wisdom Visuals.

At Wisdom Visuals, your marketing and advertisement in the digital world will be taken care of via our team of adept professionals that will make sure that you remain on top of the digital market food chain.

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