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Email Marketing

  • Introduction

Electronic mail, popularly known as E-mail, has proven to be one of the greatest inventions after the internet and the world wide web. Email has indeed contributed its part in revolutionizing major aspects of our life such as communication, coordination and whether we realize it or not, there remains no such personal and professional service where an email isn’t required.

With so many email options available to us such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Proton mail, we tend to ignore the potential perks that email beholds for the entrepreneurial and commercial breed. In this post, we’re going to discuss how email can be used by the marketing wizardry community to generate leads, enhance community outreach and develop brands for the mutual goal of satisfaction.

So, the email marketing class is officially in session, in association with Bhopal’s top favorite email marketing practitioners site: Wisdom Visuals.

  • Email for marketing?! What’s wrong with conventional physical marketing?

Sure. You are in the market, you have the product, you own the service. Everything seems good enough, but is it?! Let’s face it, relying on old-school marketing techniques in the 21st century does more harm than good. Being lost in space and time due to implementation of such practices is not a desirable outcome for any business.

Whereas, if you decide to implement online marketing strategies such as email marketing, not only can you focus on aspects such as brand building through online promotions but also on their impact analytics and even future predictions. And you can even keep track of them in real-time.

Besides, nowadays there remains no such business organization or sector that doesn’t rely on email marketing. Emails are the first way possible for product promotion. If you want to know how email marketing is beneficial for your business, then book yourselves an appointment with Bhopal’s premium email marketing solutions providers: Wisdom Visuals.

  • Ok, so how does email marketing work?

Email marketing is a whole domain in itself and just like any other domain, it requires certain prerequisites, techniques and levels of expertise to generate output. There are certain techniques but the most prominent in the market are cold mailing, product promotions and monetary benefits.

Cold emailing is one of the most critical email marketing skills and strategies. Messaging someone who doesn’t have any idea who you are for the sake of establishing a professional connection takes a lot of guts and skills. And if you’re able to convince someone about your motive through your message in the correct way, then congrats. You already have some market advantage over others.

Product promotions through giveaways, new product launches actually do help in email marketing. If you want to establish customer relations, then mailing them occasionally about such offers is a possible approach. All you would need is the craft to make those offers seem lucrative that they feel like it’s a ‘Once in a blue moon’ offer.

Monetary benefits like festive discounts, annual sale period and limited cashback offers are the tactics that every e-commerce website uses to attract customers and the same is done through emails. Once you create any suspense or hype within the customer’s mind, they get lured into the depths of your services and products.

Another approach which has recently started to take over the conventional approaches is the ‘Kickstarter campaigning’ technique. Start-ups all over the world use Kickstarter campaigns to promote digital awareness of their products and services and they receive quite an amount as funding for this.

In order to assess which marketing approach suits your needs, you must plan a business trip to Bhopal and visit Wisdom Visuals. Our team of adept market professionals will help you sort out your email marketing problems.

  • What is in it for me?

As an entrepreneur, your target is to gain hold on the current market in a way that you earn some status, contacts for outreach and customers for sales and satisfaction. You’ve already learnt the lesson that conventional physical marketing will help you on a short-term basis, but for long-term goals you have to change your game tactics and rely on online outreach practices.

Email marketing helps you gain customers on a national as well as international basis. It helps you enhance your professional network. It also helps in letting you focus on the essential aspects rather than the unnecessary ones.

But if you won’t consider email marketing in your business model, that’s your decision. I’m sure that degrading business, downward sales graph and poor analytics and next to none online presence and status are something that you can gamble with. If it is, good luck with that.

As our wise ones say: "Seeing is believing". And to explain what we mean here, we highly suggest you adopt the principle of usage of a proper business email. Now that you have one general email and one business email, here's what you need to do. Take in an even amount of business proposals and divide them for both of your emails.

Now send the proposals via both emails. Give it some time. After a certain time limit, analyse and compare the number of feedback received to both of them. You'll observe that a business email made you and your business look genuine which made your targeted customers consider taking a sneak-peek at your offer but the same doesn't happen for the personal mail.

  • Outcome

Email marketing is a practice that has become an integral practice within well-established organizations as well as budding start-ups. Since the fact remains evident that emails are a major necessity for every service, companies are harnessing the power of emails to its maximum potential.

And when it comes to maximum potential, how about we let you know of an organization that believes in usage of maximum potential for everything in this world.

Having its origins in the city of lakes, Bhopal, this organization has the wisdom to make your vision a reality. Yes, we’re talking about us, Wisdom Visuals. (Ta-da! Self Promotion OP!!) Spoilt jokes apart, but we do offer serious professional services in email marketing for organizations and rest assured, our work and your business’s future analytics will say the rest.

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