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Custom Software for businesses

  • Introduction

Nowadays, everybody demands customizability in everything they desire. What to say, customization isn’t just a matter of luxury anymore, it has become a matter of necessity. From the home you live in to the business you trade in, we as entrepreneurs demand a dash of this exotic spice in our dish of business for extra good looks and taste. Sounds yummy?!

Well, you must also be aware that in life, everything including customizability, comes at a cost that one has to pay in cash or kind. And as an entrepreneur who looks forward to providing their business some of that personalized touch, you need not be warned that a lot is involved but for the time being, let’s talk about digital solutions, namely softwares.

So, in today’s session, let’s cover all the bits and bytes of the software aspect for businesses and discuss how using customized softwares can help any potential business to not just survive, but thrive in this digital century. So get on with your computer with some note taking softwares because they’re also going to be a part of your arsenal from today onwards.

  • Customized software for my business? But why?

Business business everywhere, but no solution to make it smooth. This is a quote which you as an entrepreneur wouldn’t want to be your motto or slogan. Every entrepreneur faces a number of problems related to their business which affects distinct points such as scalability, management, statistical figures and other extras that make a business, irrespective of their scale, a smooth success or a jagged failure.

Now there are many methods available, in which a majority of them are as prehistoric as a fossil. And since we’re not living in the prehistoric era, our solutions should also not be prehistoric. Gone are the days when you had to keep a stack of registers for different purposes. Imagine what a mess it would be in your workspace, one for employee management, one for billing, one for inventory management, one for this, one for that and so on. See that space getting occupied by those barriers between you and your customers and progress, get that?!

Now imagine your commercial space with just one change that not just catches your eyes, but soothes your vision as well. Imagine having a computer running a software suite, made specially, JUST FOR YOU. The moment you login to the software, you get to see a lean and clean, easy to use and understand interface, and features loaded with interactive workflow. Already getting the vibes of a music composer making music with a flow as smooth as a symphony. Drawing you back to reality, you’re able to use the software for managing your employee’s salary and attendance, your inventory in-store and in the warehouse, draw out conclusions through analytics that provide you a track of your past so that you can work on your present to clear the fog hiding your road to progressive future.

Still need convincing? No big deal!! Let’s get you a sample case study which will depict the importance as well as potential applications of having a business that operates through customized software. Let’s assume there are two people, Madhav and Kimmi. Both of them have ample experience of street culture and fashion and therefore open their very own fashion houses. They even hire some great staff to get their business up and running. Everything seems to be fine here, or is it?!

Here’s a slight twist of truth. Madhav relied on a pen-and-paper based approach where he used a stack of registers, loads of pens and piles of pages to perform recordkeeping for his inventory as well as his staff. Plus, he didn’t even think of deciding to make his business digital at the online and offline level. He never deployed a website and not even a customized software. As a result, Madhav lost record of several of his commodities, management became a headache and staff management became a phenomenon gone horribly wrong. In short, he’s literally on the streets with just his aspirations to provide street fashion.

On the other hand, here’s where Kimmi outsmarted Madhav in the fashion market with not just her street smart attitude or collection of street fashion and accessories but her logical decision of helping the business to reach people beyond her perimeter. She deployed digital solutions like a website and a dedicated desktop application to manage everything from in-house inventory to orders placed by customers outside the store. She even manages her staff smoothly.

Moreover, when she realized she required management and outreach at the palm of their hands, that’s when she got herself a dedicated mobile app to manage everything plus she introduced another app for her customers and now she rules on the streets online as well as offline.

In short, digitization of any business through the introduction of customized desktop and mobile apps help provide means for businesses to thrive in the digitized 21st century. Now if you don’t want to be like Madhav, then visit Wisdom Visuals Bhopal, where customized softwares is just our thing.

  • Types of software services.

Options?! You need options?! Well why not? Since we feel like we successfully sold you the idea of holding a customized software in possession for the sake of your business, allow us to do the honors of breaking up something to you: YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT HOW LUCKY YOU ARE WHEN IT COMES TO OWNING THE PRIVILEGES OF HAVING OPTIONS.

When it comes to available options for software services, then just like websites, even softwares is available in two primary options: Code and No-Code approaches. Each approach is unique in terms of the perks it provides to the user but whatever be the case, it’s all about the preference, purposes and budget.

The code approach involves the usage of coding technologies like languages, libraries and frameworks such as C, C++, C#, Java, Python and nowadays, even web development languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other libraries and frameworks like React, Vue, Electron and so on. The solutions derived using such technologies are quite cool nowadays and you can expect to be charged on the basis of line-of-codes involved.

The no-code approach uses drag-&-drop methodology to help the user arrange visually attractive and interactive components like buttons, sliders, list etc.. These services are based on Freemium or Premium basis but the end results they deliver are worth it.

To know the perfect type of custom software solution just for you, how about visiting the capital of the heart of incredible India and reaching out to Wisdom Visuals.

  • What perks can you expect?

Like we discussed in the previous section, each approach is unique in terms of the toolsets and perks it provides. With each approach there are a number of perks associated that will guide us through our dilemma and help us choose the solution we desire.

Nevertheless, perks like smooth workflow, efficient management, unique identity, scope for enhancements, real-time data driven analytics and results, less usage of papers and registers, and customer experience are what you can expect if you’re having thoughts of digitizing your business through deploying a customized software application for your business. You can even look into further expansion in the form of mobile apps for real-time synchronization and on-the-go workflow management.

And if you still have some second thoughts, then how about revisiting the second subsection of this article. We’re pretty sure it was convincing enough.

  • Final verdict

As discussed, customizability in life isn’t just a luxury, but a necessity. And necessity is the mother of all discoveries. You, as an entrepreneur, will witness the necessity of business expansion leading to the discoveries of software suites that will improve your quality of personal and professional life and workflow.

At Wisdom Visuals Bhopal, we understand the deep, cryptic meanings behind luxury and necessity and therefore we feel proud to announce that as a creative space based in the heart of Incredible India, we dedicate our heart and soul to provide you the best-in-class custom desktop applications that will make you go: “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!” Trust us, we get to hear that from our customers a lot whenever we give them a slight tour of our options and the city life of Bhopal.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, step on the gas pedal of your vehicle and rush to Wisdom Visuals to make your business a part of the digital world.

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