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Canva for business

  • Introduction

Getting your business the brains and brawns to make it work efficiently is essential and your focus should never wander off from it at any cost. But as much as the brains and brawn matter, so does the looks of your business and service ambience matter. You might have heard of the popular proverbs that are used among the personal as well as professional space: ‘First impression is the last impression’ and ‘Seeing is believing.’

Just imagine if you had to go on a client meeting with a sales pitch deck and all you have on your arsenal is that old text-only papers that you’ve stapled and even your attire tells a different story about you, just imagine the tragic embarrassment you’ll have to face in-front of everyone, wouldn't be great, right?

Well, if presentation and looks is what you’re concerned about, then congratulations because in today’s article we’ll be discussing Canva and how you as an entrepreneur can use it to create your first impression as a marvellous impression. Oh, one more thing, if you want to start with a good impression towards your progressive future, how about starting with visiting the top design solutions provider for business from Bhopal to Bangalore to Brazil, Wisdom Visuals.

  • What's Canva anyway?!

Canva is a graphic design and productivity suite that is used by amateurs and professionals from various disciplines for various purposes. It has the ability to provide templates as well as from-scratch artboards to make sure that you as a user can design and create almost anything you want for your personal and professional needs. You can use Canva to design presentations, resumes, portfolios, static websites, posters, cards, logos, art and now as per the latest updates, even videos!

Canva comes with many subscription options to suit the needs of an individual or an organisation like Canva, Canva Pro, Canva for Enterprise, Canva for Education, Canva for Nonprofits. These models help it to generate revenue for themselves and the creators that are associated with this project that have dedicated their lives to provide top-notch template options. At Wisdom Visuals, top Canva certified professionals come to your service and deliver you results that will make your search in Bhopal worth the efforts.

  • What's wrong with the industry standard softwares?

Adobe has been the industry standard for providing graphic design solutions and as far as presentations are concerned, Microsoft Powerpoint and Google slides already do the job. But there’s always scope for something additional and that’s where Canva comes in. We all are already aware of the fact that only learning Adobe's graphic design softwares such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign have a serious learning curve and their later usage is just another issue. And not everyone is a design expert, so good luck learning and using them.

As for presentations and documents, remember that your clients are looking for something exquisite and with the limited options provided by both of these, there wouldn't be much that you could possibly do. Since your clients and potential investors require you to show them your worth and uniqueness, you need to implement an approach that is UNIQUE and this is the exact term where Canva outranks and shines bright.

Basically as an entrepreneur you would look into options that don’t require a lot of capital, labour and logic. Well, Canva here it is!! Just type in what you want to create in the search bar or select from the most common options and then observe as Canva provides you with a plethora of options with respect to profession, tones, colours and you can even apply various other filters to suit your needs. Canva provides you with top-notch templates that you can use and even customise them further. All of this with simple drag-&-drop, type, click and voila!!

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

Canva works on an easy-to-use, simple to understand interface and workflow. It involves actions like drag-&-drop, click, scroll and you’re pretty much up and running with your work and results. Canva is like a complete package deal of all the things you’d want in your productivity workflow. Now as much as it may seem dynamic due to its features, that is what makes Canva a package deal of advantages and disadvantages.

Simple-to-use, easy to understand, drag-&-drop, click-&-scroll, wide variety of options in products and templates, active and helpful community, customizability to great extent with even greater ease thanks to in-built and third-party app integrations, constant feature updates, dedicated designers and a mobile and desktop app makes Canva a must have tool in every entrepreneur’s device.

But as lucrative as it may seem, there is still some caveat to the following. Some of the features, options, templates, resolutions are available in the paid model which is a bit of a buzzkill for many but once you pay, the results you get would make all of that expenditure worth it.

  • Final Verdict

Canva started as a kickstarter service based company in Australia and is now worth a billion dollars. What started as just a kickstarter initiative has now become the medium for many professionals, from jobbers to entrepreneurs and freelancers that use it everyday in their workflow to produce great results. It is now even advised that many people who want to learn the basics of design and get into freelancing real-quick should learn Canva. There may be times when people might say that a Canva user isn’t a designer but you can tell them to check freelancing sites and let the numbers and figures be your evidence and witnesses.

Speaking of kickstart, even you as an entrepreneur might be looking for someone to guide you regarding your documentation and designing and this is where yours and ours mutual goals and cooperation can work wonders. All you have to do is to reach out to Wisdom Visuals Bhopal via web or phone and then let us take care of the rest. We have made Bhopal proud through our top-notch services and results but even we would suggest you to search for the best canva professional solution providers in Bhopal. If you find someone better, just let us know. If you don’t, still let us know.

Sounds fair?!

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