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Automation for business

  • Introduction

As humans, we have been constantly finding patterns in our work process and using them to our advantage and survival as a species. Patterns in the jungle helped us define what’s safe and unsafe, patterns in the renaissance helped us develop masterpieces that changed how we perceive things, patterns in cryptic messages helped us crack the codes and helped us in winning wars, patterns have helped us find cures to the incurable and solutions to the unsolvable.

Our efforts weren't just limited to finding and exploiting patterns, but also using them to reduce our overall efforts to do certain tasks which are a part of our schedule. Usually, we were bound with our schedule and the efforts to complete them. But this was suitable during the time when hard work was truly cherished and praised. But as time progressed, humans became clumsy and with their new habits came in their attitude of ignoring hardwork and adopting smartwork.

This smartwork started with the usage of the biggest wisdom of all, also known as common sense and later evolved into machines which went through a transformation from analog to digital. Nowadays, it goes by the name of ‘Automation’. So, in today’s session, brought to you by Bhopal’s premiere destination for sophisticated marketing solutions, Wisdom Visuals, we will be learning everything about Automation and its potential role, significance and applications in the commercial sector.

  • What is Automation?

Automation, simply put, is the process of finding the most repetitive, mundane tasks within any workflow and putting machines, analog or digital, in place of a person or a team with the motive of reducing workload, costs and efforts. The technologies behind automation do not aim to take away jobs or to take over the world like that Artificial Intelligent system ‘Skynet’ from Terminator, so no panic attacks please!!

In fact, the main motive behind the development and implementation of automation systems was to just increase productivity within organizations for letting the staff focus on what’s beneficial for their work and their organization rather than getting stuck in an infinite loop of tasks that makes the company/business lose its important time. Today automation can be seen in industries where machines of various sizes do the exact work in half or less than half of the time usually invested in by humans.

Even offices where a term called RPA or Robotic Process Automation can be witnessed being used by various departments of a company to automate various tasks and ASSIST the workforce, yes you read it again, you read it right, only assistance, no intentions of ripping away the livelihoods of innocent people. If you want to know more on how automation can help bring miracles in your business, then come visit Wisdom Visuals; the number-1 place for commercial solutions.

  • Do businesses need automation?

Short answer: Yes, they do.

Long answer: It depends. It depends on the type, scale, amount of customers and audience and many more factors. But if we take a look at our history where organizations had to depend on a huge amount of labor in the form of humans, we could witness the wastage of resources such as time, money, energy which drastically causes a downfall in the productivity graph. And just when we thought that machines would solve our problems, which they did, but unfortunately, to a limited extent.

But as time progressed and machines evolved from analog to digital, we are able to witness the introduction of the digital revolution in the sector of automation itself. What’s even better is the fact that all of this automation is semi-autonomous, providing humans and organizations a certain degree of control over all of the activities. This gives any work a certain amount of humanity to any work with the finesse of the machine.

So, if a business remains consistently stagnant in terms of scale, then perhaps the implementation of automation would seem kind-of unnecessary. On the other hand, if your business somehow enters the potential area of further expansion with increase of work and resource consumption, then an automation expert for your business is what you should be prioritizing. And who understands business automation solutions better than Bhopal’s very own commercial solutions provider, Wisdom Visuals.

  • Got something more on Automation?!

You want some more?! Well, you asked for it, and you’re going to get some…

Automation Anywhere (RPA solution) is a term that many automation professionals in the IT industry might have heard of. The firm has been known to provide RPA software solutions to companies worldwide and has become one of the industry standards in the field of automation through softwares.

As for hardware solutions, industries that own their very own robotic units for various purposes like assembly, manufacturing, monitoring and many more make automation as a means of acquiring the industrial sector by providing them state-of-the-art robotic solutions plus machines which can automate various chores at just the push of a button or even just an operation of a dial/lever/switches.Companies like Larsen and Toubro, Schneider, Siemens are some of the prominent names which provide industrial-grade automation services.

So as you can see, from software to hardware, there’s always a solution that you can rely on for your business automation problems.

  • What can I expect if I automate my business?

Oh yes, expectation. Everything in life comes down to this one word. Well, expecting some outcomes isn’t bad, after all, you as an entrepreneur would love to know what’s there in store, should you choose to automate your commercial workflow and obtain business-oriented optimized solutions.

We’re pretty sure you’re not expecting to get real-time analytics, optimized workflow, better decision making, less amount of stress and more fervor in the workplace, better form of assistance with digitalization and so much more, are you?!

Of course, these are the results that you can expect from automation because automation, like any other business necessity, is based on the principle of ‘What you see is what you get.” Automation helps you do cost-cutting but without putting in life and resources at stake.

But don’t go by our word of mouth. How about a hypothetical comparison case study?

Suppose we have two business firms, ‘Lakhan textiles’ and ‘Richard textiles’. Now, Lakhan textiles relied on the old–school methods of business where they took those registers, papers and pens and used them for their daily chores such as record keeping, inventory management, reminders for various events and tasks. Eventually, as time progressed, Lakhan textiles growth stagnated and the whole production, unfortunately, came to a halt. The End for Lakhan textiles.

On the other hand, Richard textiles hired a team of automation professionals. The experts analyzed their past workflow, future goals and based on their dataset, advised them to upgrade their industry with hardware and software solutions. Their machinery was replaced with a few more adjustments and as for the software part, RPA team was deployed in their office to maintain their part of daily, monotonous tasks and automated them using software solutions. Tasks like emailing, notification alerts, chatbots, inventory management, to name a few came within their domain.

You can get the dream automation solution that matches the industry standards. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to Google.

  2. Search for ‘Bhopal’s all-time professional place for professional commercial solutions’

  3. You’ll get Wisdom Visuals in the search results. Well, that’s great!!

  4. Visit the website and then, how about you ring a bell on our phones and doorstep?!

  • Conclusion

Automation is slowly stepping up as a major business requirement. In fact, it has become a whole new independent sector. Companies Are gradually emerging in this sector with new hardware and software-based solutions that people within organizations across various domains are using in their daily workflow and places and reaping out juicy results.

Speaking of juicy results, even you and your organization are looking towards automation-based business solutions where you don't become a slave to your business, instead you get to be the master of not just your business, but also of your other endeavours. So all you have to do is just book a ride to the city of lakes, Bhopal and come visit Wisdom Visuals, Bhopal's very own place for all your commercial solutions.

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