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Audio advertisement for business

  • Introduction

Sound is one of the five senses that humans have adapted to use for their survival through ages. This sense gave us the beauty within melodious music as well as the brains to discover its working and further applications to improve our lives in various aspects. From natural to artificial, sound’s creation and application in our lives has helped us create historic feats like the songs by Tansen that possessed the ability to light up the lamps of the Mughal palace to Ludwig Van Beethoven whose symphonies echoed throughout Europe.

Inventions related to sound have also contributed their part. From musical instruments to telephones, we witnessed the evolution of audio-based inventions through the transition from the analog to their digital versions. Now audio has made it through ages and has now fused itself into products as small as the top of our fingers. Such a journey is worth listening to, isn’t it?

Audio has a major contribution in the business sector as well. As obvious as the fact may seem, here’s one more to give you an alert of what’s about to be for today. So in today’s session brought to you by Bhopal’s top creative marketing solutions provider; Wisdom Visuals, we’re going to be discussing the ways in which audio can do wonders for any business, product or service.

So put on your noise-cancellation audio headsets because: THE CLASS IS IN SESSION!!!

  • Audio advertisements?! But why?

Yeah sure, why audio advertisements? But how about we start with a better question: What audio advertisements?

Audio advertisements are the type of advertisements that are usually standalone ads in audio format or current visual ads adapted into audio format for further outreach. These ads are usually just a few seconds (around 20 to 30 seconds) long in terms of duration and their tone varies according to the intended audience. Their way into the customer’s brain is as simple as the process behind making it.

Usually, audio advertisers rely on psychological research where they have to understand that the human ear loves to hear what the mind truly desires and is constantly receptive towards anything quirky or anything that gives them the element of dramatics and surprise. Our connection with any audio is what triggers our mind into investigating further more or go into a state of emotional trap or should I say ‘#RELATABLE’ or Nostalgia.

Unable to understand what we said? You can understand this much better through 2 ways. Let’s start with the first way; Real-life case studies.

Are you able to recognize the classic ringtones of various phones, from Nokia to Apple, that too even when you're almost a mile away? Their signature ringtone is what catches the attention of you as well as others and people instantly recognize the ringtone and the company associated with it. Need one more? It’s alright.

Who remembers the Indian adaptation of the show ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’, popularly known as ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati?’ You can easily identify the theme track of the show and the host’s voice, Amitabh Bachchan’s voice without any hassle. Need another, well alright. But last one, okay?!

Whenever the song ‘Kiss Me’ plays, which product comes to your mind? If your answer was Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, then congratulations, you’re right and also a certified SIMP!! (Ha-Ha, LOL!!)

So there you go. Just a few examples to demonstrate the power of audio based marketing and brand promotion. Now the second way is that if you want just the audio based marketing solution for your business, product or service by Bhopal’s top creative marketing solutions expert, then Wisdom Visuals is just the destination you need to reach for.

  • Who wants audio ads when there are video ads?


Well how about changing that question to: WHO DOESN’T WANT AUDIO ADS?!

Nowadays, any approach, be it audio or video, as long as it is able to deliver business-driven outputs is considered. And now without wasting your precious time, let's come straight to the point. Every business is looking into audio based advertisements or any cues that will trigger customers into switching their preferences.

With the advent of audio streaming apps services like Spotify, Apple music, Gaana, JioSaavn, Amazon Prime Music, SoundCloud, KukuFM, Audible, PocketFM, the sudden boom in the rise of freemium and premium based audio solutions are looking for audio ads to monetize their in-app content.

Many advertisements also end up on the radio and the radio is one service that never goes out. With the recent issues between people and news channels, radio stations have risen to power, thanks to their semi-casual approach towards journalism and mass media. Live on radio or audio streaming platforms, your audio-based marketing solutions will be a dream come true with Bhopal’s very own marketing specialists with a dash of creativity and industry-specific networks; Wisdom Visuals.

  • What are the benefits of going in audio?

Nowadays, audio-based content is in much more demand than video content. The sudden boom in the podcasting culture has seen its effects where many prominent audio shows are getting huge amounts of sponsors and even collaborations with leading brands.

Through audio platforms like Spotify and others, short advertisements in audio format can be promoted for generating leads. The production costs have also drastically reduced as premium hardware and software solutions are being made affordable with the motive of promoting the acumen for audio among people of various backgrounds.

Even you can avail these benefits and much more if you book an appointment with Bhopal’s most trusted and verified audio-based marketing solutions provider; Wisdom Visuals.

  • Conclusion

Audio-based marketing solutions are gradually becoming a necessity for almost every business and slowly many influencers are approaching audio as a medium of their marketing strategy. Now if you’re looking towards your perfect audio-based marketing without any hassles, then there is only one possible way.

Book a trip to Bhopal and come visit the place behind many creative marketing solutions; Wisdom Visuals. Here, you’ll find adept professionals who’ll solve your doubts in a jiffy. So come on, go ahead, don’t be shy, step right in the direction of melodious symphony of prosperity with Wisdom Visuals Bhopal

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